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And Here’s Gracie…..

pink_baby_carriage.jpgOur younger daughter Gracie has really started to show her personality the last couple of weeks.  I am sorry to say but I think she is going to be a MINI ME.  Poor girl!  I can see so much of me in her it cracks me up!   I am more of the outgoing, good humored, sometimes loud type.  I love a good laugh!   And I can be VERY ornery at times (I get that from MY Dad).  Gracie has this devious laugh, it is hilarious to hear her do it.  We usually hear it right before she does something or immediately after. Gracie PillowDiaper Gracie  Gracie Cookie JarGracie Chair 

 Gracie and Arrianne

 Like tonight for example, Emma was asleep on the couch and Gracie was trying to wake her up, every time she would touch Emma we would hear it!  She is definitely destined to be a HANDFUL!  I love it though, I have the best of both WORLDS!  I have my pretty, kind-hearted princess, and my Cute but ornery tom-girl.  Our house is filled with laughter most of the time.  My Girls Love each other and Geoff and I are already preparing ourselves for the DOUBLE-Teaming that is sure to come about with two girls 2 years apart!  We know we are in for a long and crazy ride but, we wouldn’t have it any other way!Gracie and Emma