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What about Mommy Brain???

QUESTIONSI must say, I had a AMAZING Memory before I had children.  Now when you are pregnant they call it Preggy Brain, and now that you are a mom they call it Mommy Brain.  For those of you who are not familiar with these terms, let me explain.  Have you ever had those times where you are keeping a list of things to pick up at the store?  I try to do this, and usually succeed at making the list, BUT, the list loses its usefulness when IT is laying on the counter, and YOU are at the store.  Or how about when the birthday party your little ones are invited to is on Sunday instead of Saturday, but you SWEAR its Saturday only to get to the destination and no one is there.   No matter how many times you look at that invitation your brain thinks it has a much better idea.  Well today, was a Mommy Brain kinda day.  I had to make a trip to pay our payments, approximately 30 mins there and back.  Thank Goodness for the phone call from my mother 5 mins after I left.  The phone call went something like this…… 

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