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And the EASTER BUNNY Wins with a KNOCK OUT…..

Gracie and Emma with the Easter BunnyEmma with the Easter BunnyThese are the pictures of my girls with the Easter Bunny today at our local Wal-mart.  As you can see my girls were very content sitting on his lap.  Gracie didn’t even want to come to me when I tried to remove her from his fluffy little lap!  Which is amazing considering the history she has with other characters.  Emma was more than happy to give him a hug and decided it was okay to sit on his lap, heck she even smiled for the camera!  And all this took place BEFORE they got their candy!   Gracie and SantaGracie and Santa again   Emma and SantaPrincess Cash RegisterSanta Hug  Now, these are the pictures of the last encounter with SANTA!  As you can see, Gracie doesn’t care what Santa has for her.  She just wants out of this man’s lap and NOW!  As for Emma, she finally relented and decided she would stand beside Santa to get her gift.  All the while asking him if it was a Princess Cash Register.   Then, after she opened the much loved Cash Register, we were able to get the hug for poor Santa.    I don’t know about you but I would be very afraid of a life-size fuzzy rabbit, more so than an old man in a red and white suit.  There is just something about Santa, he just sends kids into a frenzy.  No matter how many gifts he brings, by the time they are friendly with Santa it is time for them to stop believing in him.   Poor Santa.