My Girls are growing up….

I know it has been awhile, sorry about that.  Life is a never ending roller coaster, and if you have children you know exactly what I mean!  Let’s see, since my last post…..I have been able to take Gracie’s bottle away from her completely.  It has been over a week since she has had a bottle.  YAY ME!  Yay Gracie!  

We threw a 4th of July Cookout.  It went very well.  Some of my family came and almost all of Geoff’s immediate family came.  They played Bocce ball, and fished a little it was a good time.  My sister Tammy and my niece Brandi decided to paint toenails and fingernails, Patriotically.


Miss Gracie was scared but really wanted them painted.  So Grandma Betty stepped in and painted her little toes, RED WHITE AND BLUE of course!  

Grandma Betty Painting Gracie\'s Toes


Just love this pic of Emma with the flag, she was actually pouting because the “big Kids” were playing ball without her, BOCCE Ball that is.  And of course that made her little lip roll out like a red carpet.  But we later found her fishing!


Also, since my last post my Husband has bought a new GMC Sierra!  He had a GMC Canyon and was just not happy with it.  He wanted a full sized truck, so he checked into and found that if he traded it in he would save 75 bucks a month and be 0% for 72 months.  So needless to say we did it!  

The Girls were definitely enjoying it.  They love running around in the back of the truck bed.  It has been a very busy couple of months around here.  We are having a very wet summer so that hinders our outdoor activities.  My girls are very busy and active and that wears a Mama out!


One response to “My Girls are growing up….

  1. They’re growing like crazy. Glad ya’ll had a great 4th.
    YAY Gracie Girl on quiting the bottle habit!!

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