Cloth Diapering….

My Husband and I are considering cloth diapering.  We are just thinking about it right now, not an all out commitment quite yet.  Gracie will be in Diapers probably another year if I had to guess, so we may buy a couple maybe more to try it out, then if we do decide we like it, we can add to our diaper stash for the next baby.  That is if we decide to have another Baby!   I can’t believe how much it has changed since my mom and grandma did it.  These Diapers are actually stylish, and cute, this could become an obsession very quickly! Ballerina slipperfront dipeDiaperSnowman    These are diapers from one of my WAHM’s Business.  WWW.PAMPEREDBUNZ.COM  She has a discount right now for $2, the code is grandreopen.   So if you are interested in some Cloth Diapers, check out her site.    


3 responses to “Cloth Diapering….

  1. Thanks so much for adding!! And 🙂 You sure did pick a cute little pink model.

  2. Cloth diapering RULES!! You should totally try it…and it’s not addicting…at all…

    Don’t listen to Rachel. 🙂 But you know where to find us if you have ?’s.

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