Snow, Snow, SUN, More Snow…..

snowy pondOk, I LOVE snow.  But, there comes a point when Enough is Enough.  I realize Spring is not until March 20th, but it has been cold then warm, cold then warm.  We had days that were in the high 50’s then the next day it was in the teens.  What is up with that?  I have allergies, so I like it to get cold and stay cold for at least a couple of months.  It has not done that this winter.  The Night before last it froze rain for hours then dumped 6 to 8 inches of snow on top of it all.  Apparently the Snow plows around here didn’t feel the need to clear the roads so my dear husband could make it home that night.  A 25 minute drive wound up being a 50 minute white knuckled treacherous trip.   My kids have an awful case of Cabin Fever.  They are so full of energy, I wish they would burn it on something constructive, maybe do some laundry or mop the floor!  Or just pick up some toys and put them away!  As of right now they both are on antibiotics for sinus infections.  So they can’t even go out and play in the snow, when it is on the ground.   Emma loves the snow, we have our own little “sled”, I call it a laundry basket but when the snow flies it becomes a “state of the art snowmobile” Powered by MOMMY OR Aunt April!  And let me tell ya like all other power it is not very plentiful!  basketsledpulling the basket  Since then, we have upgraded to a tiny tot sled, it has a seat and a belt.  It is cute.  Probably a little safer too.  Although, Emma is not at all crazy about “hanging” on to Gracie while riding on the sled.  My girls seem to like the snow. Emma tells us everytime it snows even the tiniest bit, “I just love to make snow angels!” I truly don’t think the child has ever made a snow angel, but she will one of these days!   I just hope spring is coming soon!GracieandEmmaemma-losing-gracie.jpg


One response to “Snow, Snow, SUN, More Snow…..

  1. That looks so fun! I wish my kids could enjoy just one good snow this year! Maybe next time! lol

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