Princess for a day….or days that is!

Princess Emma!As you know, I am a Mom.  Emma is our resident princess, everything is Disney Princess.  She has the pillow, the blanket, bath towel, dresses, shoes, shirts, books, movies……you see where I am going with this.   Emma has an obsession, EVERDAY, at some point, she takes off all her clothes except for her undies and goes to find her princess dress, she puts this on and her black dress shoes (aka glass slippers) and a beaded necklace or 2 or 3, however many she can find at the time.   Then she finds a headband, (since her sister broke her TIARA).  Now mind you it is winter and this child is in a sleeveless little ballerina dress, NO socks.  She walks around asking Daddy and I to DANCE with her, and tells her sister to “FOLLOW me I am the Princess!”  Now, Let me describe this little dress, it came in a Disney Princess Easter Basket last year.  This dress has straps that have been graciously re-sewed more than once by her Grandma.  and it has a “tutu” and she is getting much too tall for this outfit.  And the Princess decal is fading and flaking off with each trip through the washer.  I never was much of the Princess type growing up, so this is quite comical to me.  I liked to play in the dirt and was dirty most of my toddler life!  Emma is a wonderful princess, she should be she does this EVERYDAY!  God Love her.   Geoff and I have one little problem with this costume, and that is when she has her “glass slippers” on she inevitably ends up stepping on our toes and let me tell you, She may as well have Baseball Cleats on, ’cause it HURTS!  And, when she does this she will say “OH, SORRY! ” and run about her royal duties. I know I have many, many years of princess adventures ahead of me, BUT I do believe I will be investing in some BALLET SLIPPERS or maybe some STEEL TOED BOOTS! 


2 responses to “Princess for a day….or days that is!

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! Is this what I have to look forward to in a couple of years?

  2. steel toed boots are the way to go. Lydia is still the resident princess. She’s 7 now. Thankfully she doesn’t feel the need to dress like one everyday but it’s close. Enjoy it now cause I’m sure when they get older they’ll graduate to divas.

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